Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters is a Haida animation directed by Amanda Strong and featuring the music of Kinnie Starr and Haida musician Ja$e ElNiño.  It won Best Music Video at ImagiNATIVE (2014) and has stop-motion characters with features carved in wood confronting then Prime Minister Stephen Harper, depicted on a super tanker travelling around Haida Gwaii.  The animation was produced in anticipation of the December 2013 recommended approval of the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway project by the National Energy Board (NEB).

The video is a collaboration of activism and culture.  It’s a project by Haidawood brought to you by K’aalts’ida K’ah, and is a stop motion animation featuring Haida culture and language.

The Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters production brought together Gwaai and Jaalen Edenshaw, Amanda Strong, Xaad Kihl Ga Suu and Ken Leslie in their fourth collaborative production.