The K’aalts’idaa K’ah Haida Storytelling Society was founded in 2008 by brothers Gwaai and Jaalen Edenshaw, both Haida carvers and artists.  The collective was created during their production of Sinxii Gang’uu, a play they wrote, art directed, and in which they performed that was almost entirely in the Haida language.  Since then they have continued to come up with projects that have engaged the communities of Skidegate and Old Massett and the rest of Haida Gwaii in entertaining and educational language and cultural activities.  Their series of stop motion Haida language animations, for example, brought out people of all ages to create characters and props and set them in motion during the animation production. They have worked with Haida Elders including Ts’inii Stephen Brown, GwaaGanad, Diane Brown, Naanii Mary Swanson, Ts’inii Claude Jones, Norma Adams, Adelia Pix and artists such as singer song-writer Alida Kinnie Starr, Guujaaw, Vern Williams, and Tyler York.

Their latest project, the Gidansda Gya K’awdaanee, was a chief’s settee carved and painted in Masset and inspired by ancestral pieces the artists researched in museums around the world.  Working with Tyler York as apprentice, Jaalen completed the spectacular design in time for the Skedans clan potlatch in Skidegate where Guujaaw took the name Gidansda and became clan chief.  The collective’s creativity never stops and their projects continue to emerge and inspire their community and nation.

Projects and Contributions

Please see our Projects and Contributions page for a full listing of K’aalts’ida K’ah activities.

Image Credits

Wealth Bringer design in the page background adapted from “Gidansda Gya K’awdaanee” Print by Jaalen Edenshaw

K’aalts’ida K’ah logo (Laughing Crow) design by Jaalen Edenshaw

Wave Raven’s Tail design in the home page bar adapted from the SHIP Glossary Weaving Patterns


In all of our creations there is the strength of our culture brought forward by our elders and ancestors.  We are grateful for these gifts,  the continuing support of our community, and our funders in all stages of our process.  Please see our Acknowledgements page for more.